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The Lamson House

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Julius and Katherine Lamson, formerly of 1216 Jefferson, hired David L. Stine to design this Georgian Revival house at 2056 Scottwood Avenue at Floyd Street. Constructed in 1905, the home is marked by classical symmetry and proportion—which is well balanced by the front porch, side carriage porch, and the third-floor dormers. Unlike Stine's design for the Libbey House just down the block, this structure shows the influence of the American Colonial Revival.

Mr. Lamson was the president of the Lamson Brothers Company. Lamson Brothers was founded in 1885 as The Lamson Brothers Dry Goods. Co. Prior to founding their own family store, the two Lamson brothers worked for Cohen & Koch, a predecessor to the Lasalle & Koch Co.

This beautiful house remained in the Lamson family until 1972.

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