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Edward Ford Plate Glass Co., Whistle

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Iconic Whistle Found at Scrap Sale.

This brass whistle, stamped with a Ford Plate Glass nameplate, was used to sound shift changes and alarms for accidents or fires at the plant. It was discovered under some steps at the plant covered in several coats of grey paint. The whistle was sold off as scrap metal in the 1980s to a local man who stored it for ten years in his garage. When he finally got around to cleaning off the paint, he discovered the nameplate. During the Rossford centennial celebration in 1998, he offered to sell it to the planning committee. Through a generous donation from Felia "Fe" Ford Leboutillier, granddaughter of Ed Ford, the committee purchased the whistle for the celebration. Today, it is housed in the first-floor lobby of IPS' headquarters in the Ford Club.

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Well written and all well researched. The only difference I would like to make is that I had read that it was Carrie Ross Ford whose idea it was to build the Ford building as a place for concerts and Christmas party's for the children of the employees. Edward loved to have concerts on his lawn at their home but all of his neighbors weren't that happy about it so Carrie Ross thought the Ford Club would be just right for these loud concerts rather then their front yard. I've often felt that Carrie Ross deserved far more credit for the things she also did for Rossford. i am proud to say that I own one of their larger compan…

Tedd Long
Tedd Long
Jul 23, 2021
Replying to

Agreed. Mrs. Ford played a part in the decision to build the club. From the National Register of Historic Places Registration Form: "A group of the employees who had formed a band heard that Ford was visiting his son and traveled to the residence one afternoon. An impromptu concert was met with questions by Mr. Ford. The result was a commitment to uniforms and a place to practice and play. This was done with the assistance and urging of Mrs. Ford." Kudos to you on the home and original deed!

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